Do you know how much hemoglobin your baby should have?

 Do you know how much hemoglobin your baby should have?

Today’s article on hemoglobin your baby is about the level of. In this article, we will know what is hemoglobin? How much hemoglobin should a baby have? What can be the reasons for low or high hemoglobin? How children have to deal with the deficiency of hemoglobin. hemoglobin in children What are the symptoms of deficiency? And how we keep things in mind after hemoglobin deficiency in children. What should we do to the baby to increase the hemoglobin of the baby?

What is Hemoglobin ?
Hemoglobin known as Hb also. red blood cells (RBC) There is an important protein present in which heme means iron is found. Hemoglobin, which irons of atoms are that our blood cells (RBC), of structure help to create the normal size. well as blood cells (RBC) of oxygen and carbon As Also help in transportation dioxide. It is an important component of our body which needs to be balanced.

What should be the hemoglobin your baby?

Normally a newborn baby has 270ml i.e. one cup of blood. than adults Babies have on hemoglobin average higher levels. This happens when the baby is in the womb because the womb oxygen level is high. And oxygen more blood cells are needed to transport. But after several weeks, the baby’s hemoglobin levels start decreasing.


From the chart given below, you or your baby normally can know the hemoglobin level.

baby hemoglobin levels chart

 AgeFemale range (g/dl) Male range (g/dl) 
1.0-30 days13.4 – 9.913.4 – 9.9
2.31-60 days10.7 – 17.110.7 – 17.1
3.2-3 months9.0 – 14.19.0 – 14.1
4.3-6 months9.5 – 14.19.5 – 14.1
5.6-12 months11.3 – 14.111.3 – 14.1
6.1-5 years10.9 –15.010.9 –15.0
7.5-11 years11.9 – 15.011.9 – 15.0
8.11-18 years11.9 – 15.015.0 -12.7

infant hemoglobin

in the above 0 days and 18 years shown normal hemoglobin level of children of chart.

What are the symptoms of hemoglobin deficiency in children?

First of all, let us tell you one important thing that 9 to 24 there are children within months, they have a lot of chances that there is a deficiency of hemoglobin . The reason for this is that the physical and mental development of children is very rapid in 9 to 24 months. Most of the child growth occurs during this time. And for the body to grow in the body iron , it is very important to have. During this, many children do iron rich food not get. Or due to any other reason, there is a lack of iron in the body. Due to which the hemoglobin baby level decreases.

the deficiency hemoglobin, Due to which we can see some symptoms in children which the deficiency hemoglobin of identify can. Like your baby or toddler falling ill again and again. His fever frequently repeat. is Or your child is feeling tired early. Or the child has become more irritable or is crying frequently. There is a decrease in the physical and mental development of the child. And the lack of hemoglobin, due to hands, will start looking more white. By some such symptoms, we can know the deficiency of hemoglobin in children.

How children have to deal with the deficiency of hemoglobin.

Red blood cells (RBC) of and in, Due to the lack of hemoglobin due to children getting tired, frequent dizziness, rapid heart rate, gasping or chest pain, white body, to many such symptoms, we can call a disease like anemia. can recognize.

hemoglobin Due to the low level of the baby, of the baby kidney the problem can also be seen. The deficiency hemoglobin Due to of, the body oxygen carrying capacity also decreases.

Things to keep in mind after hemoglobin deficiency in children

This problem can be seen at any age, but usually, at 9 to 24 months of hemoglobin deficiency children the problem can be seen. To Hemoglobin Of the baby, level maintain or increase the we have to take special care of his diet.

  • Due to the lack of iron in the body, the level of hemoglobin is low. Therefore it is necessary to give iron and minerals rich food to children.

  • If your child is above 6 months and there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in it, then you should stop giving milk to the child. This is because the amount of calcium in milk is high, which reduces the absorption of iron in the body.

  • Give children more vitamin C rich food because vitamin C increases the absorption of iron in the body.

  • Whenever you are preparing any food for your baby, make it in an iron vessel. Keep in mind that the iron vessel should not be rusted. Cleaned well.

  • hemoglobin in the baby can Low or high also be heredity. If this problem has been there in your family for many generations, then it can be seen in your baby as well.

  • The problem of hemoglobin in children is If Not taken care of, then later problems like asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure can also occur in the child.

  • If due to some reason the infant is unable to get mother’s milk, then cow’s milk is infant, given to this can also lead to deficiency of hemoglobin in children less than 6 months of age. Keep in mind that cow’s milk should not be given to babies below 6 months of age. You can give formula milk to the child with the advice of doctors.


hemoglobin your baby
hemoglobin your baby

What should we do to increase the hemoglobin of the baby?

During physical development, a child needs a balanced diet. Which irons, minerals, vitamins, proteins requires a diet rich. blood, iron in Due to the lack of thereof the body hemoglobin decreases . That’s why we children need to give a diet rich to.

Green vegetables 

The hemoglobin of the baby increases the level children should be fed green vegetables. By which of their body iron in the amount can be increased. Green mint vegetables, amaranth, spinach greens, drumstick leaves of drumstick, coriander, adequate leaf, irons are found Gogu.


Where do dried grapes go to raisins which are included in dry foods . hemoglobin in the body Raisins can also be a good option to increase. In which iron and B-complex are found in abundance. Children who suffer from anemia. Raisins can be the most beneficial for them.

hemoglobin your baby - RAAGI
Raagi natural irons are an excellent source of. It is also beneficial to include ragi in their diet for children and adults suffering from anemia and hemoglobin deficiency. Raagi irons with Vitamin C found in significant quantities which in the irons of absorption enhance the body.


Hemoglobin of the baby also is a good option to increase the and keep it balanced. You can give it to the child as a snack for the baby. Oats contain iron as well as minerals and B complexes which fulfill the lack of blood in the body.


You can feed your child in salads and in sandwiches or you can also have tomato juice. There are elements such as vitamin C and lycopene in tomatoes  whose absorption increases significantly help irons.


If you feel that your baby’s hemoglobin is not low, the child does not have to suffer from anemia, then you should give your child a pomegranate meal daily. Or the child should be given pomegranate juice to drink. Pomegranate is a super food in which minerals, protein, vitamins, calcium along with iron are found in abundance.


irons red blood cells in our body due to the high amount of (RBC) a fruit that proves to be very helpful for increasing and activating. Beetroot proves to be very beneficial in diseases like anemia. You can also give beetroot juice to your kids or use it as a salad.


To your baby’s hemoglobin balanced, you must feed carrots to your baby or give carrot juice. Carrots contain vitamins, potassium minerals as well as B complex . Which increases the amount of blood in the body.


Magnesium, potassium along with plenty of irons are found in dates. Which proves helpful in increasing red blood cells in the body. Feeding dates daily to your baby can make up for his body iron deficiency.

Sesame and jaggery

hemoglobin of the baby We can also use sesame and jaggery to keep them balanced. Especially by consuming black sesame and jaggery, the amount of blood in the body increases.


Do not ignore the anemia found in the body of children. This can lead to many dangerous diseases for the child later on. Which can be fatal for your baby. If symptoms of deficiency of hemoglobin in the child’s body are found then you must get your child checked up with your doctors. And take proper treatment of the child with the advice of doctors.

hemoglobin your baby
hemoglobin your baby

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