10 best Weight Gain Foods for Babies| How to increase baby weight?

10 best Weight Gain Foods for Babies| How to increase baby weight?

Weight Gain Foods for Babies
Weight Gain Foods for Babies



This is the complaint of most of the parents these days. Is our baby underweight? The child is not eating properly. And how do I increase the weight of children? What should we do for that? what is 10 weight gain foods for babies? How can we increase the weight of our baby? Many such questions mostly come in the mind of parents. Today we the weight gain child will know about this.

First we need to see this. our child gaining weight What can be the reasons for not? What are the things in it that we can easily fix? What precautions should we take for that? And when should we contact the doctors about this? And apart from the dosage of the child, what other reasons should we take care of? We will discuss all this in this article.

How to increase baby weight? What are the ways

the methods increasing the weight of the child, Before knowing we have to see how much his weight is according to his age. Is the weight of our child normal according to age? If it is normal then what is the normal weight according to his age? For this, we have given a chart of the child’s age and normal weight according to it. With its help, you can know the normal weight of your child according to his age.  







3.2kg to 3.4kg                   


3 to 5 month 

5.4kg to 6 kg


6 to 8 month

7.2 kg to 7.8 kg 


9 to 11 month 

8.6 kg to 9.2kg


1 year

9.5 kg to 10.2kg 


2 years

11.8kg to 12.8kg 


3 years 

14.1kg to 14.8kg  



16kg to 16.8kg

5 years


how to increase weight of  child

Another thing they may be, your child was going to be good again. And now his weight has not increased in just a few months. This is also a point to note.

What happens in it? Who are the parents of the child? They do not really know whether they are giving proper dose to their child or not? How many doses should be given according to the age of the child? and what is 10 weight gain foods for babies? It is very important for parents to know these things.

For 0 to 6 months old babies. How to increase the weight of babies,

which is the period from 0 to 6 months. During that period, the child is completely dependent on the mother’s milk. Whatever the child is getting during this period is getting from his mother’s milk only. That’s why we need to pay attention only to the diet of the mother. Mother has to keep in mind that the dosage you are taking is for both you and your baby.

Therefore you yourself need to eat one and a half times the dosage. So that you can complete the dose of the child. Due to this the nutritional value of milk will increase and the weight of the child will increase. The weight of the child at the time of birth should be double 5 to 6 months. We have to keep that in mind. And the mother also has to keep in mind that her baby has to be fed after 2 to 3 hours. So that the child can fill his stomach and he can sleep well.

Another thing to keep in mind in this is that you are feeding the child during the day, in the same way the child should be fed at night as well. If the child gets milk properly, then surely his weight will increase.

How to increase the weight of 6 to 12 months old children

Now we know what complementary feeding we have to give to the baby in 6 to 12 months apart from milk. So that the child can gain weight well .

The child was drinking only mother’s milk for 6 months. Now he needs top food. Now you know how to start feeding the baby after 6 months? What should be given to the child? How much should be given? And how should the amount of food be increased?

First of all, what should the baby start with for the top food? So for this it is better to start the child with wheat or rice vein. Or you can feed the baby by making porridge or semolina kheer. But the amount of sweet in it should be kept low. Give one or two spoons for 3 to 4 days after the onset. Later increase its quantity. For 6 to 8 months, you can increase from half to one bowl.

Apart from this, you can also give rise kheer, poha kheer, spinach greens, mashed apple, mashed chikoo, mashed banana. Keep in mind that whatever food you are giving to the baby in 6 to 8 months should be well mashed. You must remember one thing. In the meantime, you do not have to stop feeding the mother’s milk to the baby as it is still very important and necessary for the baby.

How to increase baby weight Things to keep in mind

During this, we have to take care of some things like whether the digestion of the child is getting better or not, whether the child is doing well in the latrine or not, is he allergic to anything?, is he vomiting too much? And is he not feeling the trap of eating? We have to take care of all these things.

In 8 to 10 months, you should increase the amount of food for the baby. During this, you can reduce the mother’s milk and give more milk.

In 10 to 12 months, we can give some solid things to the child like boiled eggs, cheese or biscuits.

How to increase the weight of 1 year old children

When the child becomes above 1 year old, then he has a lot of teeth. The child can chew and eat. Along with this, the energy level of the child also increases. Activity like standing with support, walking on knees increases the child’s activity. Therefore its callery requirement also increases. You will feel that your child was eating so much even a couple of months ago, now it has increased a little but he is not able to gain weight.

So the reason for this is that he is eating food, that energy is removed by jumping to play. That’s why you have to pay attention to his food. Which increases the calleries of the child.

Calories dense food you are able to move his calleries from which to feed the child. Like a 1-year-old child eats a minimum of 250ml food. Meaning the child eats only one bowl of food. What you have to do is to feed the child by mixing ghee or sugar in that food. Or sometimes feed by mixing eggs or vegetables so that the child can get sufficient amount of calories and fats. We have to pay attention that we have to increase the child’s calories. And from that the weight cangained be.


 Weight Gain Foods for Babies

What can we feed to a child above 1 year, so that he gets the right amount of protein, fats and his calories also increase. Come let’s know some such things that we can do to a child above 1 year. Which can also gain weight and increase the child’s appetite.

Full cream milk

The weight of the child is If less than full cream milk should be given to the child. And it is considered correct. If the child refuses to drink milk, then you can also give it by mixing shake, smoothy or chocolate powder.


Eggs are full of protein. Which helps in gaining the child’s weight well. If your child is above one year, then you can give the child a full egg also.


Potatoes are very useful and beneficial for weight gain. It is considered a very good source of carbohydrates and energy. You can also feed it to the baby in the form of aloo paneer or cheese mash.

Sweet potato Sweet potatoes

are rich in potassium, vitamins A, B and C. Due to which the weight also increases. You can feed it to the baby mash in milk.


All types of dry foods, especially nuts are rich in vitamins. Its powder can be made and given to the child in milk.


bananas are a great source of energy. By mashing it in milk and giving it to the child,the child increases significantly. 1 year Uprke shake of bananas for the children is a good choice

Daale (DAL)

is all over the amount of protein in pulses. Gaining the weight of children proves to be very helpful. Children must be given water from pulses.


Cream curd is also a very good option to increase weight. The curd of cream available in the market should be avoided in feeding children. Because a lot of sugar is mixed in it. Homemade Shrikhand curd can be given to children.


You can give a piece of cheese to the child for breakfast. Or you can feed the child by making different recipes for paneer.


use Ragi with ghee and molasses increasing the weight of the would be very helpful in child.


If you give roti to your child, then you can give it to the child by applying ghee to the roti.

Peanut butter

Peanut ghee is also a good source of weight gain. If your child is above 1 year of age, then you can give the child a spoonful of peanut butter on daily bread.

Green vegetables

Children must make a habit of feeding green vegetables. Green vegetables have the ability to keep the digestive system clean along with rich nutrition.

Zinc is

for the development of children a very important nutrient. Due to the deficiency of zinc, children feel less hungry. Try to give food rich in zinc to the children. For example, watermelon seeds, peanuts, beans, spinach, mushrooms, etc., in which the amount of zinc is high.

Protein and carbohydrates Protein

gaining weight intake is essential too. Therefore, include chicken, fish, egg, milk, almonds and peanuts etc. in your diet. Carbohydrates also prove helpful for weight gain. Like pasta, brown rice, oatmeal etc.

Milk and honey

Honey always works to balance the weight. If you are overweight, honey reduces it. And if you are underweight, then you’re increasing weight. Honey also proves to be very helpful. Take honey in milk every day before sleeping if your baby weight increases.

Olive oil Olive oil

contains good fats. If you are preparing food for the child, then use more olive oil in it.


is a fruit that contains good fats. Which is gaining weight considered very good for. You can give it to the child by mashing it well in milk or in a simple way also.

Soup, Kheer and Halwa

Tomato soup ofVegetables is very beneficial for the child. Along with this, semolina pudding is also nutritious and increases weight.


Chiku is considered good for weight gain. You can also give chikoo shake to the child.

Here are some foods that we can give to the baby. Gaining weight for the child proves to be very helpful.

But still you feel that the weight of the child is not increasing. And with that the child is facing even more problems. Like, the child is being sick for a long time, or he always has fever, or eating anything that causes loose motion, or has become more irritable, or there can be many such reasons. So we have to pay attention, maybe there is some chronic disease going on inside the child or there is some reason that we are not able to catch that the child is eating properly yet the weight is not increasing?

So at such a time we should definitely go to our doctors and check up on the child. Or you must take the advice of your doctors.


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